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What Are You Investing Your Energy In?

The other day I was rearranging my living room trying to get things to look and feel right.  I'm embarassed to admit, it took me a long time and the room sat in disarray for a couple of days until suddenly it all made sense to me.  I quickly put things in place and the room felt new, comfortable, and inviting.   I knew it would support my energy and intentions for the coming months.  
Life can be like that sometimes. You can look at room or a problem day in and day out and not find the answer or 'see' what needs to be done-- or even see that something is wrong, for that matter.  Then suddenly it clicks and the answer lies before you-- the door opens so to speak or you finally realize something just isn't right anymore. 
Albert Einstein has been quoted with saying that problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.  Those words are very apt for these times.  The world is rapidly changing as technology is increasing daily, the Earth is going through a cleansing and rebirthing process, countries and economies are reorganizing, and our own lives are filling with constant challenges.  Life as we once knew it is ceasing to exist in many ways-- but it's all good.  This Earth simply cannot sustain the ways and means of our past indiscretions nor can we continue to live the way that we have lived.
Take a look around you and see what you're investing your time, money and energy in.  Do you have objects, clothing or artwork that support your intentions or  bring you down?  Do you spend time with people who zap your energy or do they support you when you need it?  All is vibration whether or not we can physically touch or see it-- even our thoughts.  Quantum physics has proven that.  A home is imbued with the energy and thoughts of the architect or builder who created it.  Paintings hold the intention and energies of the artist.  Furnishings hold the memory and vibrations of the trees they originated from and also the craftsman who built them.  Food holds the vibrations and patterns of the farmer and the soil it was grown in or the experiences of the animal who gave of itself.   Knowing that, think about what you have around you.
Are you supporting businesses that produce high vibration foods or goods, or is your home surrounded with processed foods and throw away, lesser quality items made with little integrity or love?  Do the objects, colors, and clothes that you surround yourself with remind you of happy times or  things that you would rather forget?  Does what you eat make you feel good?   Whether you've paid a little or alot for your possesions, they should resonate with who you are and bring you joy.  Even an item originating from lesser than noble beginnings can be raised in vibration if you care for or admire it, or find it useful. How does your  home make you feel?  Does it inspire and revitalize you?  It should. 
I highly recommend that you take an inventory of your surroundings and really think about what you're living with and investing your energy and emotions in.  Are you feeling stuck in your circumstances-- perhaps your workspace or office is cluttered?  Are you feeling unclear as to your direction in life?  Do you have blank walls because your home is temporary and you just haven't had the time to hang a picture?  Take the time to create a home base that is nurturing and supportive of your intentions because you'll be amazed how quickly opportunities can open up, your spirit will lift or a problem can be solved.  Your home is a metaphor for your life and the thought patterns you hold within you.  Your answers lie within those areas where you struggle.  What's your story?  Or better said-- what would you like it to be?  Your home can help you.  Invest in the future by supporting local and/or family owned businesses that create products with authenticity and integrity-- businesses that are doing what they love.  You'll be investing not only in your own well being, but that of the planet.
Dare to eliminate all that from your life which no longer serves you in order to allow new energies and opportunities to manifest.  Today I leave you with this great quote by Guillaume Apollinaire:
                        "Come to the edge.
                          We can't.  We're afraid.
                          Come to the edge.
                           We can't.  We will fall!
                           Come to the edge.
                           And they came.
                           And he pushed them.
                           And they flew."
Blessings of Inspiration!
Copyright 2011 Awen Environments

4 Comments to What Are You Investing Your Energy In?:

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Janine on Saturday, January 22, 2011 12:20 AM
Great article! Keep up the well-intentioned, energy-increasing, inspirational pieces.
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Clarissa on Saturday, January 22, 2011 10:47 AM
Glad to hear you're enjoying my writing, Janine.

Neshi Lokotz on Saturday, January 22, 2011 11:29 AM
Clarissa what a beautiful blog. I enjoyed reading your insights. I have cleaned out closets, file cabinets and electronic files in the past month. It felt great as I get clearer in my energy allocation. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom.
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Clarissa on Sunday, January 23, 2011 10:58 AM
It does feel great to gain more clarity for the coming year. It's an ongoing process for all of us as we head toward 2012 with more changes and challenges ahead. Glad to hear your comments, Neshi.
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