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The Messages Are Everywhere

One of the great things about being the mother of an 8 year old at this point in time, is you get to go to all the great movies that are out there for children today like AvatarLord of the RingsThe Last Airbender  and Percy Jackson,  to name a few.  Truthfully, I enjoy them and highly recommend getting the DVDs, if you haven't already done so.  Do not underestimate the hidden messages in all of these stories for they are there to guide the children, as well as us.  These movies are rich in symbolism, if only we pay attention.  The common theme is always about truth, honor, trusting your instincts and the triumph of good over deception and those who seek only power and control. 
In the latest Percy Jackson, Percy faces his fears and overcomes the evil Medusa who stood in his way of recovering Zeus' thunderbolt.  Not accomplishing this feat would cause chaos and war among the gods.  Despite the danger that Medusa represents, her head would later become a source of power and a shield enabling Percy and his friends to overcome yet another foe and eventually accomplish their task of restoring peace. 
In The Last Airbender  the avatar Aang, who represents the spirit of the planet in human form, must restore balance among the four nations.  To do this, he must master the elements of earth, air, fire and water.  He has been taught to work with air--the mental realm, breath and life force, but now he must learn how to work with the powerful element of water which represents our emotions, communication and the flow of all life.  Only by  accepting this task and his Divine responsibilities, as well as recognizing and healing the pain from the loss of friends and his teacher, can he hope to conquer the powerful element of water, as well as fulfill his destiny.
There's a great message in these stories in that adversity or challenges can later give us the information and wisdom that we need to overcome other obstacles in our lives.  I think it's important to remember this as we are faced with increasing challenges around our health, our life's work and our relationships to others, as well as to this planet.  How do we live in alignment with our innermost yearnings and desires to create a new future for ourselves, our children and this planet?  How do we use our gifts to create a new paradigm based on cooperation, authenticity and pursuing our passions in life?
There are patterns and cycles within our own lives that reflect the lessons that we need to learn and overcome in order to live creative, joyful, balanced lives.  Learning to recognize these patterns is the first step toward overcoming them.  The messages are all around us whether in the homes and landscapes that we choose, the deaths of wildlife, the health of our water and trees, and the people that keep coming into our lives.  What are you drawn to?  Are you drawn to healthy circumstances, abundance and joy, or are you drawn to hardship, lack, stress and conflict?  There is always a reason and the choice is yours, but you will get the message.  Trust me...
"God sleeps in the rocks,   Stirs in the  plants,  Dreams in the animals and  Finally awakens in man."          --a famous Vedic quote
There is a Divine presence that flows within all inextricably linking everyone of us to all that is.  Within Nature all beings have a purpose and we are not separate from or above that purpose, though we often think that we are.  A flower does not question what it should be, nor does an eagle.  Man is the only one who questions his purpose and often does not live in alignment with his true feelings and instincts, nor within the laws of Nature. 
Within Nature there are signs, patterns and cycles-- rhythms that tell animals, plants and birds how to respond and what to do in every given situation.  Plants, trees and insects communicate to one another via unseen realms of internal communication networks.  Animals have been shown to demonstrate prior knowledge when a natural disaster is about to occur.  Nature always pays attention to the information presented, for not doing so means not surviving. 
Many may have heard of the recent wildlife anomalies that occurred with masses of birds, fish and other sea creatures dying within a one week time frame throughout the world.  While the USDA has taken responsibility for poisoning some of these birds, the other events remain unexplained.  I find it hard to believe in coincidence when mass animal deaths occur in 30 places around the world-- all within a 7 day timespan.   I believe that these animals acted as messengers to reflect the condition of the planet and the changes that are occurring.  Ancient native cultures prophesied about events which would change the ways of man and bring about a renewal of life on Earth.  Much has come to pass.  We are in the midst of these times and we need to pay attention to what the environment and our own lives are telling us.
Blessings of Wisdom!
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