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Restoring the Light: a Look at Belladonna

If you practice homeopathy, there are surely remedies that are your favorites.  I have several, but the one that always helps me with extreme situations is Belladonna.  When I first began my studies in homeopathy, my teacher talked about the pictures of several remedies and one of them was Belladonna. What I always remembered about her lecture was how  Belladonna,  because it was made from the vibration of a poisonous, psychotic plant, had the ability to "restore light from darkness."  That picture has always stayed with me over the more than 15 years that I've been using homeopathy. Over and over this concept has presented itself in a variety of interesting ways and I know for that reason this is one of my allies whose capabilities never ceases to amaze me.
Most recently I had an extreme situation that occurred after having my 7 month old shiba inu puppy spayed after being vaccinated with a rabies shot one week prior.  I will never know exactly what caused such an extreme reaction in her behavior, whether it was the combination of the rabies shot with the morphine that was used after surgery, or whether the anesthesia itself caused a shift in her consciousness.  It is possible that all of the things together combined with her sensitivity, caused such an extreme shift in behavior that we thought we'd never have our sweet, fun loving puppy back with us.
Although the rabies vaccination passed without any noticeable problem the week prior, as soon as we picked up Sachiko (Japanese for child of happiness), we noticed she was very lethargic and in a great deal of pain because every time we even touched her, she cried out.  She refused to eat anything but a small treat that evening and even that she eventually threw back up. She slept through the night, probably due to her pain medication, and the following day she raced around as though she was back to normal. It wasn't until evening of the next day that we noticed an unusual change in her behavior. Sachi started to become extremely irritable and began growling at our other dog.  She also began twisting and contorting her body in obvious discomfort.
I had given Sachi the homeopathic remedy Arnica for the pain after surgery, but it didn't seem to be working.  That night she woke me up around 1 am by barking, howling and moaning constantly while in her crate, something she hadn't done since we'd gotten her several months earlier. She kept me up all night, as nothing seemed to calm her.  The following day, she seemed back again in her energetic state but by evening, once again she became irritable, neurotic and snapped at our other dog and also at us.  I decided to change to Hypericum that night because she seemed to be displaying extreme pain from the surgery and always had been unusually sensitive to touch and a variety of other things.  The Hypericum didn't seem to help much because she continued keeping me awake throughout the night.
During the day she would seem fine, but by night Sachi once again  would become incorrigible and could not get comfortable barely allowing us to touch her.  The only thing that seemed to soothe her was caressing her face.  The key to her behavior seemed to be the consistent agitated behavior toward night time.  Her behavior finally escalated by the fourth night when she viciously snapped at me like something had possessed her.  That's when it dawned on me that what she needed was Belladonna because she was exhibiting the behavior of a rabid animal in complete fear and madness.  I immediately gave Sachi a dose of Belladonna 30c and that night I noticed a complete change in her as she slept soundly and so did I.  A sign that a remedy is the right one is usually when the person or animal goes into a deep sleep after administering a dose.  I repeated the Belladonna the next day and I could see that her behavior was returning to normal and by evening there were no repeat episodes of madness.  Our Sachiko continued to be her normal, sweet self, as I gave a few more doses.
This is not my first experience with extremes of behavior which Belladonna resolved.  Another was when our cat Hope was displaying signs of Alzheimer's disease and suddenly became vicious and violent.  She had never shown any previous signs of aggression but suddenly one night, I couldn't believe my eyes when this formerly sweet, clingy cat suddenly went into a state of foaming at the mouth and howling that Belladonna eventually resolved.  I have written about it here.
Other extremes have included when my son was a toddler and he developed such a severe headache that he was sobbing and asked me to take his head off because it hurt so much.  Another was when he was in kindergarten and came off the bus one day severely traumatized by an older child who had bullied him.  His mind became delirious as he raved and only Belladonna could comfort him.  In both instances, my son went from either extreme pain or emotional trauma to tranquility and sleep in a matter of minutes.  It's hard to imagine this type of response, if you haven't experienced it yourself.
Repeatedly Belladonna has worked in a variety of ways and situations where perception and/or pain were severe with an extremely sudden onset.  Despite Belladonna being a psychotropic plant in it's original state, the energy pattern held within the homeopathic remedy is able to transform the person or animals from a state of darkness to one of light, clarity and health.  It simply is one of my greatest allies.
Blessings of Health and Clarity!
2013 Copyright Awen Environments/Clarissa Harison.

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Ron Laswell on Monday, October 14, 2013 9:14 AM
I had a very fearful experience with belladonna when my oldest son was 2. While gardening, I noticed that he had been by the belladonna plants, and had red berry stains around his mouth! Whoa! I totally freaked out! Gave him epicac to induce vomiting, called a poison-control center, and just watched him very closely for the next 24 hours. He survived, I calmed down. Whew!
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nancy on Monday, October 14, 2013 4:44 PM
It is so interesting, that as I am a lightworker and have been under recent psychic attack (black voodoo, second time in this lifetime), to have placed the pillules on my nightstand by the Holy Water I used to protect myself. Indeed! This message from you is so appropriate now! Thank You.
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Clarissa on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 9:38 AM
Funny but Belladonna has been coming up repeatedly these past few days in a variety of ways. I really think this plant has been sending me a message. Thank you for taking the time to write, Nancy. Your message was very appropriate for me today as well.

certificate iv in fitness on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 8:39 AM
Homeopathy is very popular these days among people because it does not has any side effect. Belladonna is a great herbal plant with lots of health benefits.
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