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Gardening with Nature

Natural Remedies for Pet Wellness

Every spring I see the common yellow signs posted on people's lawns for the beginning of the attack on insects that our society wages.  Unknowingly, well meaning people are perpetuating cycles in so many ways that only continue to harm this planet, as well as themselves and their pets. 
There are so many alternatives to chemicals that are commonly used on lawns and on pets.  While there's no doubt that fleas and other parasites are annoying and harmful, there are many insects which are vital and beneficial to a balanced landscape.

Autumn Whisperings from the Trees

"The longest journey is the journey inward."  --Dag Hammarskjold
Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are now experiencing the incredible beauty of Autumn and the time of balance between light and darkness during the Equinox.  Although I love all the seasons here in Western New York, Autumn is my favorite time of year. 
While some see this as a time of flowers dying and dread the inevitable winter that follows, I see it as a time of tremendous vibrancy and inspiration.

Creating for Self: Honoring Nature and the Creator

"We do not see Nature with our eyes, but with our understandings and our hearts." --William Hazlitt
For so many years I had been creating my own sacred spaces sometimes gardening to the point of obsession, never completely realizing why I was being guided to do what I was.  That was, until I came upon the  The Ringing Cedars  a very controversial series of books written by the Russian author Vladimir Megre' who tells the profound stories of Anastasia, a young woman now in her 40's who lives as a recluse in the pristine Siberian Taiga.

Death and Dying: Hope's Final Chapter

Our little cat Hope continued to be my teacher throughout her short time with us.   As I have written in previous  posts, Hope came to us under difficult circumstances and we both faced these hurdles together.  Her strong personality and unusual health challenges presented a new level of learning for me in terms of animal illnesses, as well as how to cope with them.
Hope's dying was no different.  Throughout the time she was with us, I made three appointments with our vet to have her put to sleep and all three times I cancelled and was glad I did.

The Garden of Life

The other day I realized how much my struggles with my gardens reflected my own path in life.  Boundaries were a big issue.  Having respect for all life and being able to identify most wild plants, I struggle with which ones to pull out when things get out of place or when they grow outside the garden boundaries. 
I also have a tendency to put up with alot whether it's within relationships, a job or with my animals until I reach the turning point where the situation has become intolerable or I'm overwhelmed with responsibility.

Gardening with Nature: Restoring What Once Was

I've been busy preparing and planting my vegetable garden and establishing new perennial gardens so I have to admit, it's been hard to focus on writing.  The constant rains here early in the spring put me way behind and certainly put a new perspective on things, as water always does-- being the great equalizer. Water  knows no boundaries and wears away rock, despite it's sensitive and seeming fragile nature.  When we work against it by trying to redirect or eliminate its natural boundaries, eventually it resurfaces more powerful than before.

Gardening with Nature: In Defense of Dandelions

The war on dandelions has become quite prolific in recent years.  Nevertheless, more regions are starting to realize theheavy costsassociated with that golf course look. The damage to the environment and to ourselves is greater than we can possibly imagine and yet, there's alot of profit for chemical companies in maintaining the status quo. 
We've been brainwashed by corporations to believe that this war is how it should be-- that dandelions are somehow unnatural

Plant Medicine: Flower's Journey, an Easter Story

So much of what I learned about Nature, the plant kingdom, and alternative therapies, I learned because of another animal companion, my rabbit Flower.  Easter is almost here and it's a time when I remember our special bunny who was born on Easter Day.  We got her from a local farm when my son was just a toddler, along with another bunny we named Jewel. 
We had gotten both rabbits several weeks after Easter and I remember thinking how unusual it was that the farmer made a point of telling me when they were born

Gardening with Nature: The Wisdom of Insects

"Nature is full of genius,
Full of the Divinity;
So that not a snowflake
Escapes its fashioning hand." 
--- Henry David Thoreau
So often we fail to look at the details of our  world which generally include some of the tiniest creatures on Earth.  We assume that because something is small, it is insignificant and yet some of the most innovative and community oriented creatures are the bees and other members of the insect kingdom. 
Many believe that as humans we have dominion over all life and can eliminate the smaller kingdoms randomly and with great fervor, if they so choose.

Mariposa's Journey: The Art of Living

"The best and the most 
beautiful things in  the world
cannot be seen or even  touched.
They must be felt  with the heart."
   --- Helen Keller
So much of life and the unseen effects of our actions goes unnoticed on a daily basis.  We cannot always see the immediate effect we have by the choices that we make or when we display a gesture of kindness, a helping hand or we speak our truth.  At some level, though, these actions are registered and our intention emanates outward as a beacon of light to help transform this world, one event at a time.

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